Alternative Family Planning FAQs

The Lane Fertility Clinic celebrates diversity. We serve everyone who is striving to start or grow a family–couples, single parents, and LGBTQ+ who need an egg donor or surrogate. All can have their needs met at LFI.

Alternative Family Planning FAQs

What is a Gestational Surrogate?

A gestational surrogate (also known as a gestational carrier) is a woman who carries a baby for another couple. A surrogate may be needed by women who have been diagnosed with a uterine factor or have medical contraindications to pregnancy. Gay couples will need a surrogate and donor eggs.

Surrogates are sometimes willing friends or family members, but often people work with a surrogacy agency. An estimated 100 agencies are currently operating in the United States.

How Does Egg Donation Work?

Egg donation may be required to create a healthy pregnancy. Egg donors are thoroughly screened and tested as the FDA and ASR recommended. Egg donors typically apply independently to donate eggs, and if they pass the screening, they are included in a database held by the organization with which they register. When a couple needs donor eggs to achieve pregnancy, they review the available donors and select a woman to provide eggs. When a woman is selected to be a donor, she will take follicle-stimulating hormones to increase egg production for a successful harvest. Harvested eggs are then joined with sperm from either the male in a couple or from donor sperm. The blastocyst is then injected into the uterus of the woman who will be carrying the baby.

How to Find a Sperm Donor?

Sperm donor banks have FDA-tested sperm available. Single women, lesbian couples, or hetero couples with severe male factors impeding their fertility may use donor sperm. Your physician can help you to find a donor.

Can These Techniques Be Combined With Other Procedures?

Sometimes donor sperm is used in conjunction with IUI or in-vitro procedures. Some lesbian couples may designate one partner as the egg donor and the other as the gestational surrogate, playing integral roles in creating a baby.