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Become a Parent Using Donor Eggs

 Our Egg Donation Program

Here, at Lane Fertility Institute, we have developed an internal egg donation program to support patients whose journey to parenthood may need to include using donor eggs. We successfully work with patients who:

  • Are later in reproductive age (ages 43+)
  • Have experienced premature ovarian failure
  • Have undergone several failed IVF cycles
  • Exhibit elevated FSH levels
  • Carry risk factors for genetic diseases
  • Are same-sex or heterosexual couples, single parents…We celebrate diversity at LFI!

We offer treatment with both fresh and frozen donor eggs and maintain an in-house, online egg donor database where you can view profiles of our available donors. During your informational phone call, Dr. Lane will discuss your individual circumstances and provide the best treatment recommendation based on your situation as well as your fertility goals.

Visit our egg donor database here. 


Our Egg Donor Database

Our Egg Donor database provides insight into the donors we are currently working with who are donating both fresh and frozen eggs. Each profile features not only adult and childhood photos of the donor, but also significant medical history and information about immediate family. Our egg donors have an opportunity to tell you about themselves in their own words, too; who they are as a person, what it was like growing up in their family, what passions, talents, likes, and dislikes they may have and why they decided they wanted to become an egg donor. 

Although we update our database on a regular basis, we are always speaking to and screening new potential donors. Choosing an egg donor is not always a straightforward process. If you do not see anyone you feel is right for you, please contact our egg donation coordinator. We build strong relationships with our donors. We get to know them well and, through our free matching service, we are committed to finding the best match for you.

Using fresh donor eggs means that we fertilize the eggs harvested from the donor on the day of retrieval. Once you have chosen an egg donor, our medical team will work with you and the donor to schedule and create a cycle calendar. This will outline the exact timing for both you and your egg donor to start taking relevant, prescribed medication and will provide an approximate date of egg retrieval.

Dr Lane will be able to discuss the difference between using fresh or frozen sperm. If fresh sperm is being used for fertilization, our clinical coordinator will schedule an appointment for the day of your donor’s egg retrieval. If the use of frozen sperm is approved, we will need the sperm (your partner’s or donor’s) to get to our clinic at least 1 day before the procedure of donor egg retrieval. Once fertilized, we leave the eggs to grow into embryos for 5 days and they are ready for a transfer into the intended mother’s or surrogate’s uterus. Alternatively, we can freeze the embryos at this point for transfer at a later date.


Using Frozen Donor Eggs/Doing a Shared Cycle

Using frozen donor eggs is an alternative to fresh egg donation; because we have already retrieved and frozen the eggs, these are available for use as soon as the recipient (the intended mother or a surrogate) is ready. Our frozen egg program also allows intended parents to choose a shared cycle. They can purchase a batch of six eggs at a time which gives parents a more cost-effective option than choosing to do a direct donation using all of the eggs retrieved, which are often rendered unnecessary.


Package Price Considerations:

Frozen Eggs                   Fresh Eggs

Starting at $27,500       Starting at $33,100

If you would like more information about using donor eggs and our egg donation program, we are here for you. Please contact us or call to speak to our egg donation coordinator at (415) 432-7282 or email at

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