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Fertility Travel and Tourism

We welcome all of our patients to our center for a new patient consultation.  However, we know that this can be difficult for our international and non-local domestic patients.

We are able to perform new patient consultations for our patients via Skype, Wechat, telephone and other applications.  We recommend that this occur approximately 2 months prior to beginning your fertility medications.  In this case, we request that you provide any records that you have.  In addition, we will request that you obtain pre-cycle testing from your local facility.

Once you have worked with one of our coordinators to schedule your fertility treatment cycle, we will assist you in scheduling monitoring visits in your home area (outside monitoring) or we will schedule your visit to our clinic to have this work performed. Alternatively, some of our patients elect to travel across the United States during their fertility treatment and we are happy to coordinate your monitoring visits (outside monitoring) in coordination with your travel plans.

If you choose to use outside monitoring, then we will need to get the estradiol levels and ultrasound findings faxed to us every day that they are done. One of our coordinators or providers will call you later that same day with instructions on what to do next.

We prefer our patients to be in the San Francisco area at least 2-3 days before the egg retrieval procedure. This allows us to do ultrasound and blood tests to decide on the best day to do the procedures.

We will need a sperm specimen from the husband/partner/donor on the day of the egg retrieval. This will be used to inseminate the wife/partner/donor’s eggs.

In order to provide the best results, we recommend embryo biopsy and testing.  This means that we will freeze your embryos as we are awaiting the results of your testing.  The embryo is vitrified (frozen) at the blastocyst stage.  We request that you have 5 days of “modified bed rest” after the embryo transfer. Therefore, we prefer that you stay in San Francisco  for 4-5 days after the transfer. However, many (successful) couples have traveled home either the evening of the transfer, or the next day.

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Insurance Providers

We contact with a limited number of insurance companies. When contracting with insurance companies, providers are often forced to increase their fees to ensure maximum reimbursement. We believe that this negatively impacts that majority of our patients who are without insurance benefits. Therefore, we have chosen to not take this approach. After doing the research, we can assure you that the majority of our patients benefit from our lower cash pay system. In addition, because of our unique patient care model, patients typically find that their care is so well stream-lined and carefully administered that their overall costs are still lower than what they “paid other places”. Questions? Call today and let us help with information about in vitro fertilization cost, IUI cost, fertility test for men, fertility test for women, genetic testing pregnancy or anything else you may need. Our patients come to us from San Francisco and The North Bay, Novato (Marin County), Santa Rosa and nearby areas.


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