INVOcell is an FDA-approved gas-permeable vaginal culture medical device used in fertility treatment that assists women in incubating eggs and sperm through intravaginal culture (IVC).

For many fertility patients, the cost of treatments such as in vitro fertilization (IVF) can be prohibitive, making the dream of starting a family seem unreachable. But INVOcell has changed that for many intended parents, offering potential success at a lower cost than other treatments.

What is the INVOcell?

An FDA-approved gas-permeable vaginal culture medical device used in fertility treatment assists women in incubating eggs and sperm through intravaginal culture (IVC).

During IVC, eggs, sperm, and culture media are combined in the INVOcell device. It is then inserted into the woman’s vagina to begin fertilization and incubation.

San Francisco and Bay-area INVOcell: A Cost-Effective Alternative To IVF available at Lane Fertility

INVOcell requires less intervention, less medication, and fewer eggs and embryos than other fertility treatments. This keeps costs lower than other treatments. As with IVF, a woman using the device begins with ovarian stimulation, the administration of hormone medications that stimulate the ovaries to produce multiple eggs. After eggs are retrieved from her follicles, the egg and sperm are combined in the device. The device is then inserted into the vaginal cavity to allow embryo culture and development to take place there. Once inserted, high-quality embryos can develop, equivalent to those cultured in an embryology lab.

Informative INVOcell  diagram from Lane Fertility in San Francisco, bay-area

Who is a good candidate for INVOcell?

INVOcell is an attractive treatment option for patients who will not develop many eggs. It is also ideal for patients who do not require genetic testing.

Although the ideal candidate is less than 38 years of age, with a BMI less than 36 and an Anti-Müllerian hormone (AMH) between 1-3, many other patients will benefit from INVOcell. A patient with a low antral follicle count may be as successful with INVOcell as with a traditional IVF cycle. In many cases, expected live birth rates are similar to IVF.

There may be better options for women interested in having additional embryos for future use because the INVOcell device only allows 12 fertilized eggs to the culture at once.

INVOcell is a Cost-Effective Alternative To IVF

INVOcell is a lower-cost treatment than IVF and other treatments, eliminating the expenses associated with using an incubator and other equipment in an embryology laboratory. Furthermore, the FDA approved this device for only a small number of eggs. Consequently, less ovarian stimulation medicine is needed in the initial protocol, resulting in fewer eggs and embryos. This also reduces costs as it is typically half the cost of IVF.

With INVOcell, you can receive a less invasive, less drug-use, less costly treatment with similar success rates to IVF.

A cost-effective alternative to IVF and some other treatments

INVOcell is a lower-cost treatment compared to IVF and other treatments. In some cases, it can be half the cost of IVF with a similar success rate. This is because it has a significantly higher pregnancy rate than injectables and intrauterine insemination (40% vs. 16% in our institute) and is overall more cost-effective than other options.

Costs are lowered by:

  • Eliminating the expenses associated with using an incubator and other equipment in an embryology laboratory.
  • Using a small number of eggs means less ovarian stimulation medicine is needed in the initial protocol and there are fewer eggs and embryos to process.

How small is the device?

The outer chamber of the INVOcell device is approximately 2.5 cm wide and 4.5 cm tall. The diameter is 70 mm, similar in size to a diaphragm.

Is the device uncomfortable?

Most women feel little to no discomfort when INVOcell is in their bodies. A study presented at the 2021 American Society of Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) indicated that the device was well tolerated and did not cause irritation to most women.

Can INVOcell limit the possibility of multiple pregnancies, which sometimes happens with IVF?

Yes. In most cases, only one embryo is selected to be transferred to the uterus for further development after initial development in the device.

Is it possible to exercise with the device inside?

Typically, patients can go about their routine; however, strenuous physical activity or anything that would change your body’s temperature, like a hot bath or sauna, should be avoided. Patients should not swim, have intercourse, or insert any liquids or objects into the vaginal area.

Instruction on INVOcell use can be found here:

Typical INVOcell cost vs. IVF cost?

  • The cost of an IVC cycle (intravaginal culture) with INVOcell is approximately half the average IVF cycle. A typical IVF cycle ranges from $12,000 to $15,000, not including medications that can be several thousand dollars ($4,000-$6,000).
  • An INVOcell cycle typically costs $7,500, with the accompanying medications usually falling under $3,000. This brings the total cost of treatment to about $11,000 for most patients.

Does the cost of INVOcell include the accompanying medications?

The cycle fees do not include medication. The good news is that an INVOcell cycle requires less medicine than a traditional in vitro fertilization (IVF) cycle. The average cost of drugs for a cycle is less than $3,000.

In addition, many of our patients qualify for medication savings through Compassionate Care and ReUnite Assist programs which further decrease your overall cost.

Lane Fertility Institute works with financing programs that provide gap funding.

While INVOcell is much less expensive than many treatment options, it may still be out of reach for many individuals. This is why Lane Fertility Institute works with financing programs to provide gap funding for patients. Click here to schedule a financial consultation with our patient coordinator to learn more about finance programs:

Is INVOcell right for you? At Lane Fertility Institute, we have helped many intended parents achieve pregnancy success with INVOcell. Call our clinic today to learn more.