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Lane Fertility Institute has over 150 diverse egg donors available now!

Our LGBT Fertility Doctor is dedicated to serving the LGBTQ+ community and its unique challenges when building families. We offer various treatments ranging from basic fertility care to the most advanced in vitro fertilization (IVF) technology. Dr. Danielle Lane is a leading provider of fertility treatments and specializes in helping same-sex couples achieve their goal of parenthood.

Our world-class internal egg donation program supports patients whose journey to parenthood includes using donor eggs. For men having babies, building a family involves a donor egg with IVF and a gestational surrogate.

Fresh Donor Eggs and Frozen Donor Eggs Available

We offer treatment with both fresh and frozen donor eggs and maintain an in-house, online egg donor database where you can view profiles of our available donors. During your informational phone call, Dr. Lane will discuss your individual circumstances and provide the best treatment recommendation based on your situation as well as your fertility goals. Having a vast internal database allows the flexibility for a patient to get what they desire without having to wait.

Using frozen donor eggs is an alternative to fresh egg donation; because we have already retrieved and frozen the eggs, these are available for use as soon as the recipient (the intended mother or a surrogate) is ready. Our frozen egg program also allows intended parents to choose a shared cycle. They can purchase a batch of six eggs at a time which gives parents a more cost-effective option than choosing to do a direct donation using all of the eggs retrieved. Through our free matching service, we’re here to help find the best match for you, for either fresh or frozen eggs.

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Success Rates

Our own highly-skilled lab has an extensive amount of experience thawing and fertilizing frozen eggs, with a 96% success thaw rate and an 89% fertilization rate for frozen eggs. Our blastocyst rates are also above the industry standard. Intended parents should look at these numbers when selecting a lab and ask about these rates to get an expectation of how many eggs will be needed.

Our guarantee for fresh or frozen eggs:

We guarantee one high-quality blastocyst for every cohort of 6 eggs with a normal semen analysis and embryos created in our lab.

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