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BRISBANE, AU (March 7, 2024) Growing Families founder Sam Everingham is pleased to announce that Brisbane will be the site of Australia’s annual Surrogacy and Donor IVF information day on March 17th. The day provides a once-yearly opportunity to network and learn about egg donor and surrogacy options globally. It features a full day of seminars and panels of surrogates, parents, and experts from Australia, the United States, Canada, and Argentina discussing topics such as fertility travel, donor and surrogacy quality, as well as relevant legal issues.

 “The median childbearing age in Australia is thirty years old, reflecting an international trend toward delayed childbirth, which means more women than ever need egg donors,” he continued. “We are proud to assist Australians pursuing parenthood to build a family.”

Dr. Danielle Lane, founder of The Lane Fertility Institute in San Francisco and Dallas, will speak about the importance of donor and surrogate screening. “We work hard to ensure that all of our patients understand the complexities of this new landscape and are adequately counseled before the process begins.”

Donor identity is a key issue that will be tackled at the event.

“The wide availability of DNA tests makes donor anonymity obsolete as protections no longer exist, an issue for both straight and gay intended parents,” warns Dr. Danielle Lane.

Sam Everingham agrees. “With the demise of donor anonymity globally, this is a critical time for us to provide top-quality resources to intended parents, donors, and surrogates,”.  

The conference in Brisbane will be at the Rydges Hotel in Fortitude Valley on March 17. For more information, go to Growing Families or contact Lydia Wilbanks,, for attendance details.

About Growing Families: We have been helping intended parents with international family-building since 2012, having assisted over 3000 intended parents from many countries. Over that time, there have been immense changes in the global landscape regarding laws, surrogate availability, costs, and other challenges. Now, more than ever, it is vital to draw on independent expert support, be aware of the risks, and understand how potential hurdles can be minimized. Our expertise draws on three decades of experience, connections with professionals in 40 countries, and continuous monitoring of issues globally. This, as well as real-time feedback from parents, allows us to share current insights into country and provider strengths and weaknesses in a fast-changing landscape. 

About Lane Fertility: Based in San Francisco, Lane Fertility Institute, headed by Dr. Danielle Lane, has the largest supply of African American eggs in the United States and provides some of the highest outcomes and fertility rates available to patients. With additional offices in Texas and Missouri, Lane Fertility Institute offers the full range of fertility-related services, from consultation through egg donation and gestational surrogacy, along with the availability of fresh and frozen eggs in-house.