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Alternative Family Planning

The Lane Fertility Clinic welcomes all types of families, whether single parents, LGBT, or if an egg donor or surrogate is needed to create a family. Serving patients from across the San Francisco, Novato and Santa Rosa areas, our infertility specialist physicians appreciate diversity and are happy to answer any and all questions about how to best grow your family.

Alternative Family Planning Q&A

What is a Gestational Surrogate?

A gestational surrogate is a woman who carries the baby for another couple. A surrogate may be needed by women who have been diagnosed with a uterine factor or have medical contraindications to pregnancy. Gay couples will need a surrogate and donor eggs. Some people ask friends or family to be a surrogate for them, which is sometimes controversial. Some may find that an existing relationship may be easier to manage. Others may use a surrogate agency to identify a willing surrogate. An estimated 100 agencies are currently operating in the United States. In addition to introducing potential surrogates to parents, they also make any arrangements and collect any fees the would-be parents would pay, like reimbursement for medical fees.

How Does Egg Donation Work?

Egg donation may be required to create a healthy pregnancy. Egg donors are thoroughly screened and tested as recommended by the FDA and ASR. Egg donors typically apply independently to donate eggs and if they pass the screening, they will be included in a database held by the organization with which they register. When a couple needs eggs to be donated they review the available donors and select a woman to provide eggs.  When a woman is selected to be a donor, she will take follicle stimulating hormones to increase egg production for a successful harvest. The eggs are then mixed with sperm from the potential father to be and injected into the would-be mother’s uterus.

How to Find a Sperm Donor?

Sperm donor banks have FDA tested sperm available. Single women, lesbian couples or hetero couples with severe male factors impeding their fertility, may use donor sperm. Your physician can help you to find a donor.

Can These Techniques be Combined With Other Procedures?

Sometimes donor sperm is used in conjunction with IUI or in vitro procedures.  Some lesbian couples may designate one partner as the egg donor and the other as the gestational surrogate, both playing integral roles in creating a baby.

Insurance Providers

We contact with a limited number of insurance companies. When contracting with insurance companies, providers are often forced to increase their fees to ensure maximum reimbursement. We believe that this negatively impacts that majority of our patients who are without insurance benefits. Therefore, we have chosen to not take this approach. After doing the research, we can assure you that the majority of our patients benefit from our lower cash pay system. In addition, because of our unique patient care model, patients typically find that their care is so well stream-lined and carefully administered that their overall costs are still lower than what they “paid other places”. Questions? Call today and let us help with information about in vitro fertilization cost, IUI cost, fertility test for men, fertility test for women, genetic testing pregnancy or anything else you may need. Our patients come to us from San Francisco and The North Bay, Novato (Marin County), Santa Rosa and nearby areas.


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