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Dr. Lane and her experienced team have helped many families from The North Bay, Novato, and San Francisco, CA with IUI, or Intrauterine Insemination. Please contact the highly experienced fertility experts at the Lane Fertility Institute for more information.


What is IUI?

IUI, Intrauterine Insemination, is sometimes referred to as artificial insemination. During this process sperm are inserted into the patient’s uterus. This procedure is effective for some causes of infertility including minor to moderate male factor issues, mild endometriosis and ovulation issues. The procedure is mostly used for women under the age of 41. For optimized effectiveness, the woman uses FSH to increase her ova production and the semen specimen is collected into a sterile cup after two to five days of abstinence.

How is IUI performed?

First the woman takes medications to stimulate the development of multiple eggs and the procedure is timed to coincide with ovulation. The semen is collected and then washed in the laboratory. This means that the sperm is separated from the other parts of the semen and concentrated in small volume. This step takes between 30 and 60 minutes. When the sperm is processed, a speculum is placed in the woman’s vagina and the cervix is gently cleaned. The sperm concentrate is then inserted into the cervix or higher in the uterine cavity using a thin and flexible catheter. The process should feel similar to a pap smear with little to no discomfort.

What is the Success Rate for this Process?

It is difficult to give specific statistics as success rates are affected by several factors including the age of the woman, the quality of the sperm, and whether or not the process includes follicle stimulating drugs. However, the Human Fertilization & Embryology Authority estimates that up to 15.8% of IUI procedures are successful. However, as the mother’s age increases the estimated success rates decrease.  If this procedure is not suitable or not successful for the patient, Dr. Lane and her associates will discuss and recommend other treatments.

Insurance Providers

We contact with a limited number of insurance companies. When contracting with insurance companies, providers are often forced to increase their fees to ensure maximum reimbursement. We believe that this negatively impacts that majority of our patients who are without insurance benefits. Therefore, we have chosen to not take this approach. After doing the research, we can assure you that the majority of our patients benefit from our lower cash pay system. In addition, because of our unique patient care model, patients typically find that their care is so well stream-lined and carefully administered that their overall costs are still lower than what they “paid other places”. Questions? Call today and let us help with information about in vitro fertilization cost, IUI cost, fertility test for men, fertility test for women, genetic testing pregnancy or anything else you may need. Our patients come to us from San Francisco and The North Bay, Novato (Marin County), Santa Rosa and nearby areas.


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