Have you considered in vitro fertilization (IVF) only to be put off because of the process and the cost?  So have many others.  Let me introduce INVOcell where less is more!  INVOcell incorporates less intervention and less medication to produce fewer eggs and embryos at a lower cost to you the patient!

What is INVOcell?

INVOcell is a device designed to assist in providing an affordable and less invasive option for patients needing (IVF).  This FDA-cleared option allows you to use your body as an incubator.

After ovarian stimulation and an egg retrieval, eggs and sperm are placed into the device and then the device is inserted into the vagina.  This prevents some of the costs associated with using an incubator and other equipment in the embryology laboratory.  In addition, this device was approved for only a small number of eggs.  Consequently, there is less ovarian stimulation in the initial protocol, and fewer eggs and excess embryos after the procedure.

This is important for patients who want to ensure that there are not more excess embryos than are needed.  The human incubator results in high-quality embryos that are equivalent to what we develop in the embryology lab.  For patients who are trying to ensure that they have additional embryos for future use, this may not be the correct option as fewer embryos are produced with this treatment.

So who is the best candidate for INVOcell?

INVOcell is designed for patients who do not need intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) and do not require genetic testing.  Given that the goal of this device is fewer eggs, ideal candidates also require less stimulation and monitoring.  Consequently, women with elevated body mass index (BMI) are considered to be less ideal candidates, but this does not exclude them from treatment.  For many women, this is a step between intrauterine insemination (IUI) and more traditional IVF.

Studies have evaluated live birth rates with INVOcell and IVF in patients who are less than 38 years of age, with a BMI less than 36 and an Anti-Müllerian hormone (AMH) between 1-3.  In this specific patient demographic, expected live birth rates are similar between INVOcell and IVF.

INVOcell Cost

Finally, INVOcell is typically half the cost of IVF.  Many patients also will qualify for medication discounts using compassionate care.  Our patients are typically able to complete their cycles for under $10,000, including medications.

With this treatment, you get a novel, less invasive, less drug-use, less costly approach with similar success rates to IVF at Lane Fertility Institute. Please reach out to me (Dr. Danielle Lane) for an in-person, phone or Zoom consultation to discuss INVOcell and any other questions you may have. Click here to schedule your consultation.