Kate was thirty-four when she realized that she didn’t know whether her “life plan” included bearing children. Though she wanted kids, she wasn’t ready to put everything on hold to get pregnant and become a parent. She decided to freeze as many eggs as possible, which at the time turned out to be a plethora.

When she turned forty-five, two years after the end of the pandemic, she decided it was time. Having lived a carefree life, she was finally ready to become a parent and passionate about the prospect of having her own children.

Her journey has been a bumpy one. Even though she had more than twenty-four eggs in the freezer, only three were viable when they thawed. Out of an abundance of caution, she went through two more cycles, but being over forty, it’s unsurprising that none were viable. Then, after DNA testing on the three embryos, she discovered that one of them had a serious genetic disease, which meant she had only two embryos left. Nervous and worried that they might not survive the process, she bought several more eggs through donors as an insurance policy.

With the help of Dr. Danielle Lane, who worked with her throughout the entire experience, she found two surrogate mothers, each of whom was successfully implanted with the embryos. Today, Kate has a three-week-old healthy daughter and a soon-to-be-delivered baby boy.

It’s taken Kate ten years to realize her dream of having a family. She was willing to go through the roller coaster of an emotional journey to get there and says it was well worth it all to be where she is now.

When asked about her experience with The Lane Fertility Institute (CF?), Kate said, “I couldn’t have gone through it all without Dr. Lane. She always had a clear road map, and when we hit obstacles, she immediately provided a plan B. She wasn’t just my advocate and supporter; she was my friend throughout the decade it took for me to have a family.”

“And if my journey wasn’t miraculous enough,” Kate added, “she ended up being referred to my brother and sister-in-law when she discovered she had ovarian failure, completely unbeknownst to me. So today, my parents have four grandchildren, all thanks to Dr. Lane!”